About Us

Woodland Children’s Centre has been a landmark childcare centre in Burlington since
1985. The centre started in a small house, with 32 children, and has grown into one of
the largest childcare centres in the area caring for more than 170 children today. Our
childcare centre has become a trusted name and second home for thousands of children
and families over the years.

Our childcare centre is highly regarded for having three spacious park-like outdoor
playgrounds for gross motor activities and being equipped with modern amenities and
age-appropriate learning materials to ensure a safe and engaging learning environment
that meets the unique needs of each child and family.

We are a fully licensed facility, meeting and exceeding the requirements set forth by the
province through the Ministry of Child and Youth Services. The center is routinely
inspected by the Health Department, Fire Department and licensing officers from the

Our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced educators provide a safe and
nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive. Our mission is to
support the development of each child by offering age-appropriate activities and
educational programs that promote physical, cognitive, and social-emotional
development. We believe in fostering a sense of curiosity, creativity, and independence
in every child under our care.

Woodland Children’s Centre has a strong community presence and is involved in local
fundraisers, special events, sports teams and holiday events.